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ASE Certified Parts Specialists badge4M Parts Warehouse is a haven for automotive aficionados and professional repair shops alike. Since our inception in 1978, we've become synonymous with premium quality auto parts, steering the automotive aftermarket landscape with unwavering commitment and expertise.

Situated in the heart of Cleburne, our main warehouse is a mecca for car enthusiasts. Here, aisles upon aisles are lined with top-grade auto parts and accessories. Whether you're restoring a vintage gem or gearing up for a high-performance upgrade, our Cleburne warehouse promises not just parts, but passion.

But we're not just about Cleburne. We've grown, spread our wings, and have firmly rooted ourselves in the vast Texan landscape. Our branches, from Hillsboro to Whitney, from Ferris to Fort Worth, are more than just stores. They are the pulse of every town, resonating with the heartbeats of car lovers.

Our presence in vibrant Dallas, bustling Fort Worth, and the spirited towns of Dublin, Duncanville, and beyond ensures we're always within your reach. Whether you find yourself in Clifton or Teague, Irving or Lubbock, our doors are open, ready to serve your automotive needs. And with multiple locations in bustling cities like Dallas and Lubbock, convenience is but a short drive away.

ASE Automobile Parts Specialists

Every 4M location is backed by certified ASE Automobile Parts Specialists. These professionals don't just stand behind counters; they bring forth a wealth of industry knowledge and top-tier customer service, ensuring every automotive project you undertake is met with precision and care.

Our legacy is not just built on parts; it's built on partnerships. At 4M Parts Warehouse, we pride ourselves on serving communities across Texas with unmatched dedication, offering an extensive range of auto parts for any foreign or domestic car, truck, or SUV.

Auto Parts Delivery

To our dedicated car repair shops: time is of the essence, and we recognize that. Our efficient and accurate parts ordering system is streamlined to ensure your garage never misses a beat. From Wichita Falls to Vernon and Jewett, our rapid delivery services ensure you get what you need when you need it.

With 4M Parts Warehouse, excellence isn't just a standard; it's a promise. Drive in, and let us be a part of your automotive journey.

The Man Behind It All

Otis Martindale

Portrait of Otis MartindaleGrowing up during the Great Depression, Otis Martindale knew what tough times felt like. Back then, trust was built on a firm handshake, and when someone gave their word, they meant it. Raised by hardworking parents with strong values, Otis learned early on the importance of being straight-up and playing fair.

The Martindales weren't city folks – they ran a farm in North Texas. And even when times got really rough, they managed to get by. Their place, right by a main highway, was known to travelers. Why? 'Cause folks passing through could always count on a good meal there. Everyone knew: if you dropped by the Martindale's, you left with a full belly.

Otis's First Steps in Business

From Food to Car Parts Starting in the biz, Otis set up a small grocery shop in Cleburne, Texas. The startup cash? Saved up by his rock-solid wife, Mary Jo, while he was out serving in WWII. The 50s saw him and Jo taking another leap, getting a gas station in Blum, Texas. By the swing of the 60s, they were in the auto parts game.

Judy Martindale, their daughter, still laughs talking about those days. She remembers how if a customer wanted a part Otis didn’t have, he wouldn’t rest until he found it. See, Otis remembered the times when you couldn't get things, no matter how much you needed them. Now that things were changing, he wanted to make sure his customers got what they were after.

The Birth of 4M Parts Warehouse

The Go-To Place for Car Parts Rolling into the 70s, things got bigger. With Otis, Jo, and their three eldest sons joining forces, they got another shop up in Cleburne. 1978 was a big year – that's when 4M Parts Warehouse kicked off. Yeah, there was a setback with a flood in '79, but they didn't let that stop them. By '82, they'd set up shop at 402 E. Chambers, and that's where we're at now.

The car parts scene? Man, it's changed a ton since Otis started. Back in the 60s, you'd need just a handful of starters and alternators to cover most American cars. Nowadays? You'd need a whole lot more. But one thing's not changed: Otis's idea that if a customer needs a part, we gotta try our best to get it to 'em.

Remembering Otis Martindale Otis might have left the car parts world a while back, but his ideas? They're still with us, strong as ever. After fighting a tough battle with leukemia, he left us in 2004. But his spirit? It’s alive every time a customer walks through our doors, and we do our best to help 'em out.

Texas Auto Parts Distribution

Everyone Can Get The Parts They Need

4M Parts Warehouse serves customers with warehouse counter sales located at 402 E Chambers Street in Cleburne, Texas. We also have several Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper locations to serve you throughout Texas. Automotive service repair shops can order their needed auto parts online and we'll deliver them fast!

You don't have to be an auto dealer or auto repair facility to buy the auto parts you need. Stop by and see us and one of our friendly Parts Specialists will help you out. No matter the make or model, 4M Auto Parts Warehouse has the auto parts you need for any foreign or domestic car, truck or SUV. 


Best prices and best service in town! Brandy and Dale are very knowledgeable about parts and always go the extra mile to assist you in finding what you need. It's definitely my favorite parts store.

Oscar V Cleburne, Texas

Every time I visit the warehouse, I'm greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Kay and Brandi are extremely helpful and even have products ready for me when I call ahead. The business not only saves me time and money with auto parts but also offers products like mower batteries, blades, weed eater twine, and window cleaners. Their range and service far surpass traditional auto stores, and I'm thankful for their excellent service and prices.

Melody B Cleburne, Texas

Counter people are top-notch. They're intelligent, knowledgeable, and respectful. Their prices are reasonable and they usually have the parts on hand. If not, they'll diligently get it for you.

Mary G Cleburne, Texas

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